Three's A Crowd

Three's A Crowd

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E.M.H By PoezynBabes Updated Sep 15, 2016

Coraline "Coco" Mathews has never been the biggest fan of cliches. All she wants is to make it through senior year alive with her two best friends by her side, without being involved in  any unnecessary drama. So, imagine her frustration when her life actually turns into something straight out of a cliche rom-com.

Determined to escape the mess she has gotten herself into, she has to work hard and that involves rejecting the advances of all her pursuers, who also happen to be ridiculously good looking.

After all, three's a crowd. Isn't it?

I would take that pass,leave,and then watch Netflix for 20 hours.
I feel you honey, I only read those kind of books because my friends dare me too
I'm actually incredible at math...
                              I don't know why no one else is
me.... i like dogs a lot more (please do not be offended by this comment cat lovers...)
Finally someone with crappier jokes than mine..! (It's only the first chapter and I'm already crushing on him)
Tyler.....bc I like the bad boys and the rude ones 😏😏😏