One good thing about music:when it hits you,you feel no pain(A Joshler fanfic)

One good thing about music:when it hits you,you feel no pain(A Joshler fanfic)

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InthenameofJoshDun By InthenameofJoshDun Updated 21 minutes ago

Tyler is the new, kinda miserable-feeling kid in school. The only friends he has are his best friend Mark who lives four hours away and his two brothers and sister. He's determined to get into the basketball team in school, so he can do what he can do best. It's only because of the punk kid, Josh, that he discovers how much he actually loves music - and how good he is at it. 

This is my first fan fiction. Please comment/rate/tell me what you think of it. I'd appreciate it a lot. 

WARNING: Usage of soft drugs, alcohol, cigarettes. I do NOT say that the people in this fanfic use those things in real life. It is fiction. 
ALSO: This fanfiction can be triggering. Self harm, suicidal thoughts. I'll add warnings before triggering parts and/or before starting the chapter. 
Usage of strong language/cursing. 
Also: Sexual content/smut. There will always be warnings before those parts.

StoryzByMe StoryzByMe Oct 19, 2016
I thought it said 6th of April bc in the Netherlands we say it like day-month-year lol oops (btw long ago tho)
dunatbest dunatbest 5 days ago
I love biology is that wrong (I want to be a vet so that might be something that benefits that)
TiffanyAnna TiffanyAnna Jun 09, 2016
Im just saying i love the long chapters. Not to be rude but tbh i dont like the books that have like 200 parts so i get excited, and then theres a sentence for each chapter im like 😐
taco_bell_saga taco_bell_saga Sep 23, 2016
I'd pay all that I have (a dog and fifty bucks) to hear Josh say "buddy"
opdifjfh opdifjfh Jan 11, 2016
That's the reason I love having a twin brother; I can just cling onto him wherever and whenever we go somewhere new :')
smol_tyjo smol_tyjo Oct 10, 2015
OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUS! Can I give you some ideas? I think u would like them