Possessive Mr.Ultra-Alpha

Possessive Mr.Ultra-Alpha

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I am Who I Am By The_Novel Updated Aug 06, 2016

Chapter 1: Introduction

I looked out of my window starring at the beautiful, full moon which was glowing silver in colour. She was surrounded by the clouds which were guarding her making sure nothing harmed their glorious moon but still the clouds kept their distance as if giving her some space but not enough to call it freedom. I looked around my room which was quite stuffy.

"You're bad news, a history repeater

You can't trust a serial cheater

You're good at hooking up but you suck at love"

I smiled when I heard my phone sing a song which to me may seem soothing like a lullaby but to you may seem like another song by Simple Plan.

"Ara you won't believe it." I heard Kayla aka my T-D which stands for Twiddle-Dee, speaking calmly.

"What is it my dear, dear Kaylaren?"She hates it when I call her by her full name

"He is back, he arrived today. The pack's goanna have a party welcoming our Ultra-Alpha's son in a week, everyone in our pack must be there. Alpha orders." Yes we are wolf...

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ali_gator54 ali_gator54 Aug 27, 2017
I still don't get it....why doesn't her mom let her talk on the phone?
SparksOfMortality SparksOfMortality Aug 30, 2016
How could she have heard them fighting if the rooms are soundproof???
xNikola-Gx xNikola-Gx Jun 28, 2016
Really great entry! Well done. Do you mind reading my book called "The Rebellious Mate'? x
ViolentPurple ViolentPurple Jan 30, 2016
i agree i hope to read more and can u also check out my story? it's called "Obscured Night", cant wait to read more!