I found my happiness in you || stydia

I found my happiness in you || stydia

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k By karolinatomlinson Updated Jul 03

lydia struggles with anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. one day something changes in her family and the mental illnesses increase. when she goes through hard time, that's when stiles, the ridiculously handsome guy she has crush on, gets closer to her. what happens next? 

- a stydia fanfiction. i do not own teen wolf or their characters. i do own their personalities though, because the characters and their relations are different in the show and this fiction. 

trigger warning: self-harm, mental disorders.

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saniyah618 saniyah618 Oct 14, 2015
*stands up* HALE NO (see what I did there) Lydia your the queen ok and Malia is NOT the prettiest because your a FÛCKING queen compared to her. And stiles WTF YOU SHOULD BE BOWING DOWN TO LYDIA, your future wifey, TREAT LIKE TGE QUEEN SHE IS *sits back down*
nokookiejams nokookiejams Oct 09, 2015
Stiles is me in awkward situations haha
                              "another cat fight? Hmm.."
                              "Oooh soft hair" 
                              Still a dick tho