The Diligent CEO(#Wattys2017)

The Diligent CEO(#Wattys2017)

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"But what if I fall?" She shouted

"I'll catch you" 

"Isn't there another way around?"

"Nope" he replied

"I'm scared though"

"Then I guess you'll just have to trust me"

Luca and Hannah are polar opposites.

Luca is cold and ruthless while Hannah is kind and caring.It wasn't believed that Luca could be changed, even if he showed change in the slightest he'd revert back to his old ways. 

Hannah moved to Seattle from Toronto for a change of scenery and was in desperate need of a job. It wasn't long before she got hired by Luca not knowing what was in store for her. She is unwillingly dragged into a word of violence and lies after one bad run in with Luca. Suddenly his private life is brought to light 

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AfroAnn AfroAnn Aug 23, 2016
That is a coward move if you're gettting in a fight you fight with you fist or kick not pull out a knife or a shank especially if you're the only one with a weapon like that aint a fair fight