Avengers Parent Preferences

Avengers Parent Preferences

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Rosalee Winchester🔫 By Rosalee_Winchester Updated Apr 07

Steve: 'She is so tiny! I bet America will love her just as much I do.'

Tony: 'She is going to be famous! I want her follow in my footsteps.'

Bruce: 'Who would do this to an innocent baby like her?! This makes me angry!!! NO BRUCE CALM DOWN! I will protect and take care of her.'

Thor: 'What in the name of Odin! Is that an infant? IT IS!! Why would someone just leave her like this? It is dangerous. I shall care for her!'

Clint: 'She is beautiful. She's going to be an amazing archer. I will protect her with my life!'

Pietro: 'I hope she can run like me.'

Loki: 'She will have everyone kneeling before her!'

Coulson: 'Awwwwww!! SHE IS SO ADORABLE!!!'

lucyLOTR lucyLOTR Aug 08
Wait a minute. I was practicing with dad. He never misses and I was practicing so it means that I shot my own self with an arrow.... Wow I really suck at archery. Sorry dad...
If I do run like him
                              He sure won't see it coming
                              Only me
                              OK I'll go die in the corner
Oh boy. Down the road of being a slut and partying and ending up living in a cheap apartment with 12000 kids all from different dads.
36 weeks early. Stopped breathing 4 times, have scar on wrist, asthma, and a nurse put a iv in my forehead instead of my foot, and that resulted in constant headache
Dear premature born people,
                              Don't let anyone bog u down, cuz u r amazing! Please remember that even if u have that health issue, you are amazing, smart, brave, beautiful and more :)
tallyvally tallyvally Aug 05
I was born three months early with no nails and I couldn't breathe