Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

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Mrs. Nandini Deshpande had a perfect life-a loving and caring husband and a family, who she wasn't directly related to, but who cared for her like their blood-relatives. However, in a matter of 24 hours, her life changed. The love of her life, Nikhil, left her. Her life took a ninety-degree turn as the consequences of his departure hit her. Upon her encounter with Manik Malhotra, an alcoholic and drug addict, she was immensely affected. Friendship, Lust and Betrayal revolves around their lives. Fate brings a lot of trouble in her life too. Would Nandini lose herself so as to find her way into Manik's life? Will love hit them both? Will there be roses on their way or is it just the thorns that are written in their destiny?

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?
A MaNan fanfiction

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Neetisamthaan Neetisamthaan Apr 23, 2016
I'm going to start reading ur story very excited actually its a suggestion from my friend
sherinjb sherinjb May 07, 2016
wow...girl....i think all the writers who are getting bashed out there need to cut copy paste this of urs.... really needed for some ppl...gonna start reading this story....sorry in advance if i dont comment on every chapter...coz the excitement to read the next  one  makes me forget that.....
adarart adarart Feb 22, 2016
Hi Nandu! I just came to read ur story (sorry I'm so so late) and HOW COULD I MISS THIS?!?! Girlll I love dark-romance~ 😭 Well, gonna work on the cover ASAP till I finish reading some first chapters~!
Nosheen15 Nosheen15 Jan 27, 2016
I'm new to all this but can I just say you're skill of writing is just too good! Keep it up :)
Iluvpani_xoxo Iluvpani_xoxo Dec 11, 2015
Acha hua nandu u wrote copyright some people need reality check. And study well baby
Simran_Singhal Simran_Singhal Dec 11, 2015
Alwaysss...will support u...will nevet hurt uuu..if in the past thn I'm really sorryyy...take ur time in posting updates...no worries...all the best 4 ur exams...study welll..:-)