I'm Living With Vampires?!

I'm Living With Vampires?!

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ꕕGinaꕕ By Yeolie_SquishySoo Updated Nov 08, 2016

Jungkook had a perfect life until his birthday. Someone had to ruin his life and led to be cared for at his Grandma Hyo's house. 3 years passed and his Grandma passes away. His brother already moved out and he becomes homeless. Will someone give him a home? And will he ever find out who killed his parents?

*There will be boyxboy in the future chapters*


Started: January 6, 2016

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I had a friend with blue eyes and one of them was half brown
BigHitPapi BigHitPapi Nov 19, 2016
This is art artsy art art XD You have talent I love the drawing.I draw and paint too so this is amazing.You have talent don't give up on it ❤️😍🤗
jasy13 jasy13 Jul 16, 2016
That is what you call art, but is more than art. There is no words to describe it.
Can I just say that this is a bit creepy and cool cause my left eye also has a tint of blue like wow