Breaking Angels: A Supernatural Fan Fiction

Breaking Angels: A Supernatural Fan Fiction

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Kathryn By imaskier12345 Updated Jan 06, 2015

Poppy Jackson knows a lot about hiding and running, she also knows a hell of a lot about credit card scams. She uses a new ID in every town, pays cash for everything and never gets close to anybody. Why? Because she is a hunter; the kind that kills the creatures that haunt people's nightmares. It's dangerous as all hell, but somebody's got to do it and Poppy has a personal vendetta.

But after a chance encounter at a small diner in the Adirondacks, Poppy may have finally met her match, the charming, gun slinging Dean Winchester. Poppy reluctantly teams up with Dean and his brother on a hunt that may prove more difficult than anything they've ever faced. 

As new dangers emerge and fiery passions come to light; Poppy has to make a choice. Drop everything for a family she never knew she wanted, or leave it behind forever.

  • dean
  • ghost
  • love
  • sam
  • supernatural
  • vampire
  • werewolf
  • winchester
nichiewolf5150 nichiewolf5150 Aug 24, 2017
To be honest if I were her and he did that to me I'd kick him in face #sorrynotsorry 😂😂😂
nichiewolf5150 nichiewolf5150 Aug 24, 2017
I just honked out the most terrifying laugh ever before snorting omg 😹😹😹😹
nichiewolf5150 nichiewolf5150 Aug 24, 2017
😑 I can already feel the headache that stupid song gives me
ADreamingReality ADreamingReality Oct 23, 2013
I throughly enjoyed this! I love Poppy and her witty attitude, it makes me want to read more! Definitely digging this, and I will most definitely be reading more! Update soon! I'm hooked!
nobodyshero_x nobodyshero_x Jun 25, 2013
Stabbing, slicing, hunting... girly stuff really. LOL that made me laugh.
                              I liked the part about the Angel and her dream. Very creative!
Myth_Winchester Myth_Winchester 3 days ago
Excuse me but that is a 1967 Chevy Impala that is in amazing shape for how old it is so shut up.