Together Yet Apart

Together Yet Apart

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Hi guys this is first time I am writing so pls forgivevfor mistakes jutte chappal r mostly welcome and do hit like and comment - Shreema

Nandani : a richie hot girl boys go gaga over her is a singer and FD in Mumbai who is the best lives with Rishabh and is cousin of Cabir

Manik Malhotra : yhe Greek god girls go gaga over him he is the bestest friend ine could have and is the lead singer of fab5.

Cabir he is the coolest guy of fab5 and cousin if Nandani but dont hangout as both r busy in their own world

Mukti A tomboy but is muku luku for her close one

Dhruv the shy guy of fab5  and is in a relationship with Aliya for 7 years

Alia: the barbie doll of the band and boys go gaga over her


Harshad : A playboy who wants to destroy fab5 and is in a so called relationship with Soha

Soha: in so called relationship with Harhad all time flirt and a playgirl

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