[HIATUS] Lapidot - FanFic

[HIATUS] Lapidot - FanFic

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күσкσιsм •ω• By KawaiiSenpaiDesuChan Updated Nov 23, 2016

Welcome to Gemstone High! A highschool for all gems alike!

At this new school, we follow the life of Peridot, a loner at the school who doesn't like any social interaction, and Lapis, a shy yet beautiful girl who normally is alone and gets hit on by guys.

What will happen when these two gems meet?

sugarmuffin567 sugarmuffin567 Jun 30, 2016
you follow my partner in writing, JaydenDecade, and I wanted to know if you could follow me too and be a cake?
- - Aug 15, 2016
Wait...but how did peri do that...she has the size and strength of a 6 year old...
Reimca Reimca Aug 08, 2016
"So my parents don't live with me..." Well it would be weird if you lived with a giant machine....
Itachi_Uchiha_9494 Itachi_Uchiha_9494 Oct 19, 2016
She just so wants to "have fun" with her,  if you catch ma' drift....  *wink-wink! *
ZStarrT ZStarrT Sep 09, 2016
aaaaAAAAAAAH PLEASE ADD MY SU OC JADE link here: http://askustoday.deviantart.com/art/Jade-SU-OC-629102514 I understand if you don't want to use it. Thanks for reading
FallenStar525 FallenStar525 Nov 19, 2016
Careful how hard you bite... it may draw blood Lapis... and Peri doesn't want a mouthful of that when you're kissing her...