Moon of His Life (sequel to His Possession)

Moon of His Life (sequel to His Possession)

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Who is the council?

What are they hiding?

What do they want with the white wolves? Most importantly... What do they want with Jordyn? 

Is jordyn ever going to escape from the facility with Ian or will things change for the worse? 

Will she ever be with her mate Mason again?

And if she does... Will things ever be the same again? 

{ this is the sequel to His Possession } 

**i'm not good with descriptions at all :/ ***

See, this is what happens when you're stupid smh 😑😑😑
qweenlol_g qweenlol_g Jul 30
What a shitting month...somebody better get my bitch outta there or im jumping in this fridging book my self and sense im from a different dimension im stronger than all them e red eye mole rat headass muthafuhkas
royal_5231 royal_5231 Mar 29
A month?! She's been gone for a month! Mason is probably going insane.
kyliejen75 kyliejen75 Jun 21
It's true, Jordyn promised mason that she won't run away...😭
DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP!!! ! Not your family! Not on your friends!! Not on your dad!! Not on Ian!! And most certainly DO NOT give up on Mason!!!
qweenlol_g qweenlol_g Jul 30
Nigga shut ur chewbacca headass up....roar roar grr headass😐