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It's been a simple nineteen years for Jax Allesio. Friends, an occasional party, and her average parents. A life which isn't of someone who has to look over her shoulder every minute, doesn't fear nor fight for her life and hasn't the slightest clue on how to throw a right hook correctly.  It's only until one night when Jax and her parents are abducted from their own home does she come to realize her family was built upon secrets darker than she could've ever imagined. What felt like a thousand gun shots and her own bloody screams later, did she find herself in an unfamiliar estate with an ecstatic aunt she had never met before; a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach, and eyes locked with a man with piercing, cold eyes and a bloody lip.

Every man has committed to actions they're not proud of, unspeakable horrors they wish to erase from their mind. Arlo Cantelli falls into this despicable category, his existence one traced with only brutality and death. Born into the Italian Mafia and taught how to click the safety off a rifle before he could walk; Arlo has lived his entire life knowing there is only him and the world, nothing in between. His life dedicated to one of the biggest families in the Mafia, there's no space for distractions. Everyone in his life he once could've said to have cared for was gone.

Protecting someone other than himself was going to be difficult. Learning to feel remorse after walking in ignorance of it for an entire lifetime was even worse. How could you stand to look into the eyes of a girl who had nothing but a storm brewing behind them; especially when you were responsible for the murder of her loved ones.


Recommended for a mature audience.

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