Obsession (Gangleader's Obsession)

Obsession (Gangleader's Obsession)

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After leaving her hometown for three years, Ellie Von Everette is surprised to find everything different upon her return. Her two best friends Logan and Julia are dating, the sweet boy Logan is a part of a gang, not to mention the gang leader known to be cruel take interest in her.

When her senior year starts off with new found friendships, betrayal, fights with the Queen Bee of High School and a whole lot of mixed feelings- will she survive? or will she break under pressure?

Alexander Winter is bad news. Infamous for being the school's bad boy, gang leader, and heart breaker. But what happens when his new found interest turns to an unhealthy obsession? Will he change for good, or will he turn for the worse and possibly hurt his precious princess?

(Give it a chance please)

Dixie3069 Dixie3069 Jun 18
I have a step dad and he is more better then my actual "dad" he raised me so I consider him my actul dad
Me being the loser I am do this when I want to stay home and read... so all the time
My mom accidentally ran over a homeless dude passed out in the grass where we park our cars
MartynaNoel MartynaNoel Aug 28
Funny cause she just had some people who were willing to hang out with her but she faked her mum wanting her to come home😂😂
Not all stepparents are horrible my step dad has raised me and loved me like his own. But i guess im lucky
emmaloucarr emmaloucarr Jun 15
LOVERBOY playing those hearts like toys. Don't you feel bad. Don't you feel. Feel bad for them.