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Navy Alpha

Navy Alpha

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Allyson Weeden By AllysonWeeden Completed

When Lucas Anghelescu, an American Navy werewolf, is wounded in the line of duty, he gets transferred to a state that will change his life forever. Find out if it's changed for the better or worse by reading this action packed book.

AllysonWeeden AllysonWeeden Mar 06, 2016
This is all made up not based on historical events and I have read some of those books
JennyChey JennyChey Feb 28, 2016
OK I'm sorry if this sounds rude but the Vietnam war was from 1955 to 1975....... All the veterans of this war are in their sixties and up. Also I was born in 1998 and the only stuff going on there was with Iraq.
bookwormgena1987 bookwormgena1987 Sep 01, 2016
I don't want to step on anyones toes but the Vietnam war was during 1955-1975 and the us didn't get involved until 1961
AllysonWeeden AllysonWeeden Apr 14, 2016
They start aging slower when they turn 19, one year for every 20 that pass and he had been 19 for fourteen years in the prologue. If he were human then yes, he would be 35. It explains more a few chapters in the book as he explains it to some of the other sailors he works with
tonight_alive_lover tonight_alive_lover Apr 14, 2016
I'm confused on his age because if it's sixteen years later shouldn't he be 35 if he was 19? Because then he would've been in navy and captured when he was like 3-4
AlyssaArielle01 AlyssaArielle01 Nov 13, 2015
YES!!!!! A book with commas and periods and capital letters and other punctuation marks. It feels like forever since I have seen a story that looked like it was written by someone who went to school