Riddle Me This.... {A Edward Nygma/Gotham Story}

Riddle Me This.... {A Edward Nygma/Gotham Story}

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Be A Freak... ❤️ By Kaylakuy Updated Mar 01, 2017

Hazel Gordon, Jim Gordon's sister, never imagined she'd be working at the GCPD along side her brother, doing what's always fascinated her. 


Sharing her passion, is Edward Nygma.

The riddle man of the GCPD. Everyone would get annoyed when he did one. 

Except Hazel. She loves riddles. 

What happens when two minds that think alike, come together? Perfection? Or corruption?

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IsabellaBri IsabellaBri Nov 26, 2017
Im rewatching the show and I just watched the  first episode two-ish hours ago and that scene gets me everytime. I mean, I don't cry but I do get some serious feels
OtpsAreMyThing OtpsAreMyThing Aug 10, 2017
If in worked GCPD then I would be a detective or get to go out they field in the Dagrous place of Gotham It'd be fun
Ed is needs to be protected from all the bullies and haters he's to precious for all that.
LizValeska-Snart LizValeska-Snart Dec 28, 2016
I absolutely love your books. After this one I might read your joker/Heath book. Then the supernatural one. Idk
genderfluidkids genderfluidkids Nov 23, 2016
I felt the same way about harvey being a jerk but now he is more not a jerk ✊
Wildcardxxx Wildcardxxx Oct 13, 2015
Ugh Ed has such a baby face he's a cute little cupcake (who tends to have homicidal tendencies and has also murdered someone ) but none-the-less a cupcake whom is precious