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Bathroom Stalls • Wonwoo

Bathroom Stalls • Wonwoo

53.8K Reads 3.8K Votes 12 Part Story
hydrangeas | s.h By aofuji- Updated Dec 11, 2016

When a girl and a boy shares a bathroom and fights about who gets to shit first.

wxtxrfxll wxtxrfxll May 30, 2016
is it McDonalds bc I'm lovin' it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
                              *leaves through the door of shame*
-taexthetic -taexthetic Jul 18, 2016
Pretty sure dis gon be dirty later on like pairs of people goin in like WHO GETS TO "FRICKLE FRACKLE" FIRST
JoonieHasJuice JoonieHasJuice Dec 12, 2016
Wonpoo Dis is like 100000% Best quality book I've ever read 👌👌 If Seungkwan comes up to you tell him he's still low quality 😂😂
pearlgyu pearlgyu Feb 09
Omg i like it so much, and did wonu really wear polo underwear? 😂
kwonhyuq kwonhyuq Jun 03, 2016
i just realized that i have read this alr when i was offline— so im just gonna spam you lots of votes and love!