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The Accidental Tourists

The Accidental Tourists

2.5M Reads 80.2K Votes 14 Part Story
Kate Marchant By ToastedBagels Completed

Seventeen-year-old Charlie Kennedy has always been second-best compared to her older sister, Olivia. Now that Olivia is getting married to fancy-pants heir Scott Dixon in a million-dollar Los Angeles wedding, Charlie’s even more invisible to her mother. But just when Charlie thinks life can’t get any worse, she meets the best man’s idiot of a younger brother. Trevor Hart is the unluckiest guy on the planet. So, with Trevor’s luck, what starts out as an innocent errand turns into an accidental vacation to Mexico. To make it back to Los Angeles in time for the wedding, Charlie and Trevor must survive rough terrain, strange locals, and worst of all—each other. But along the way, these accidental tourists might just stumble upon love.

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Superbooger Superbooger Feb 14
A daily conversation between dad and I over my jerseys and sweatpants
luck_for_you_786 luck_for_you_786 Oct 30, 2016
What really excites me is the guava farmer I bet it's gonna be funny af
The white roses??? My mom is a wedding planner/florist and that is just a sad choice in flowers
jaspered jaspered Dec 08, 2016
please checkout my story, stand by me!! i'm very sorry to promote myself but i haven't gotten any reads or likes or anything on it yet and it is a bit discouraging :-/
this is basically Ten Things I Hate About You except the ages are switched and a few plot differences
Superbooger Superbooger Feb 14
Guys I swear I don't  trust myself with balconies. It'd be so easy to just, step off.