We thuggin together

We thuggin together

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Arianna <3 By Arianna9 Updated Dec 25, 2015

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 Trust nobody.
 Is the mentality Ciara has adapted to over the years. After a crazy night with her mom, she finds herself in a bad situation, which causes her to move to a different state.

Tremaine is the real definition of a real nigga. 
NO feelings, NO sympathy.
He's feared by all until one day he meets Ciara.

She doesn't care who he is or what he can do, and the two immediately bump heads.
 But once they began taking interest in each other is when the drama unfolds.

Read on to see how the story ends...

  • fight
  • hood
  • love
  • rumors
  • school
  • thug
Dlm1970 Dlm1970 Mar 14
B!tch yo man fought a 16 year old after trying to kiss her....CALL THE Mf POLICE IF U WANT TO DUMB A- let me calm down
Lostnugett Lostnugett May 15, 2017
I want my ma to do sum like dat....
                              I wish a bitch would *Nicki Minaj VC*
icecream522 icecream522 Jul 15, 2017
See Tha Way My Mom Set Up She Wouldn't Even Let Me Grab Anything. Anything She Payed For Was Gone Stay In Tha Payed House
Nadiablu_ Nadiablu_ Nov 23, 2017
What you doin sis you look real dumb. You’re supposed to defend ur child even if their wrong. Ahh fck this bítch son
wiu120 wiu120 Jul 28, 2017
Yoo cornbread so good I would just make some and eat it by itself🤤
BlueSkys201 BlueSkys201 Nov 21, 2017
She kicked him in his 🍆 right. Scuse me,  THAT IS WHY THIS BVTCH AS NIGGA NOT FENNA HAVE NO CHILLREN WITH HIS DUST CUMMIN AS  http://media.tenor.co/images/2dca63de9b5c1adbc0b4c866034520aa/tenor.gif