Vampire Knight: Another Hunter

Vampire Knight: Another Hunter

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ShihoFujioka By ShihoFujioka Completed

Shiho Fujioka is secretly a hunter. He pretends to be a normal day class student to keep a watchful eye on the Night Class. The only people who know this are Zero, Yagari, Kaito, and Kaien. But there's only one thing. What happens when the vampires of the Night Class begin to like him. Not just that, Zero likes him too and so does his roommate?! Who will be the destine love for this young lonely hunter.

Yaoi Boy X Boy

Note: Shiho is my oc from The Otaku Type. An Ohshc Fanfiction.

Long lost bestie come we shall ride off into the sunset together.
shinatina shinatina Nov 22
Please be Zero or Senri (that's Shiki's first name btw). They smexy af
shinatina shinatina Nov 22
Story of my life. And I'm not just talking about the song either 😉
wavxves wavxves Jul 26
So far so good but in the long run, never write dialogue like this, Teacher: (and whatever she says.) always use parentheses for dialogue.
Sakurarise Sakurarise Mar 19
Yuki isn't right as a guardian she gets scared real easily from what I seen so far and she always ruins the moments
Keito-Shizumi Keito-Shizumi Oct 07, 2015
I bet he spies on him a lot. Lol... (I most certainly would... I mean wouldn't...)