Cinderblock Garden (Adopted by All Time Low)

Cinderblock Garden (Adopted by All Time Low)

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sequels for my stories? I don't know her By im-soo-fancy Completed

14 year old Juliet (Also known as Jay) was a born and raised street kid.  Jay has shoplifted and stole for most of her life, she's even been in jail.  She is absolutely positive that she doesn't need a family.  But a certain purple haired band member has other ideas...

**I'm writing this is in collaboration with the amazingly awesome @WrenAlfie!  My story ties into his Adopted By Gerard Way fanfic so please be sure to read that as well as this story**

^^COMPLETED 2/16/16^^

Unfortunately, I do not own any bands/band members/lyrics in this book.  All belong to their rightful owners.  All other characters are mine and belong to me.  DO NOT STEAL OR THE SOUL OF AN ANGRY KILLJOY WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP.

@ayy_smh_muke made this beautiful cover and i love her so much i died 666 times

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@imafabulouspan no no no Protactor followed me into fanfiction
Just_Breathe_XX Just_Breathe_XX Aug 25, 2017
Legit whenever I hear Proctor I think of The Crucible-a play by Arthur Miller-that I had to read for year 11 English
RainbowPikachu47 RainbowPikachu47 Feb 28, 2016
That's exactly what my friend told my crush but now we're dating becuase idk
BooksNBandsNBooks BooksNBandsNBooks Aug 04, 2016
I didn't even realize at first but I'm listening to cinder block garden and I'm also rereading this again I'm so pissed off now
GoldunGays GoldunGays Apr 13, 2016
The light behind your eyes is so good. It's legit so hard to find an adopted by (insert) that isn't cliche and crap