tease | lrh daddy kink

tease | lrh daddy kink

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. By daddycal Updated Jul 08, 2017

"You're such a fucking tease, babygirl."

In which 18 year old Madeline is infatuated by her 25 year old neighbor, Luke.

Daddy kink, age gap, drugs, alcohol & sexual content. 
Don't read if you get triggered easily.

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kelsgirl98 kelsgirl98 Feb 20, 2016
I'm the king and you're the queen and we will stumble through heaven
cloudyarabella cloudyarabella Feb 26, 2016
Mm *jumps off cliff* mhm *rolls into water* mhm *drowns* (don't let me drown mhm) *meets a nice sea cucumber* mhm hey
alshensi alshensi Jun 05, 2016
You know my tongue is a weapon.    Yess Halsey better salt with the sexual sh**
-yikesuga -yikesuga Sep 08, 2016
Omg MELANIE FREAKING MARTINEZ! The only reaosn why I'm still alive.
calumsnoodz calumsnoodz Aug 15, 2016
Everyone is saying Halsey while I'm over here liKE ILL SNATCH UR EDGES