Yes. I'm Deaf.

Yes. I'm Deaf.

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Harley Lynn By harley_lynn13 Updated Jun 02, 2015

When Alison Grayback was in Kindergarten someting traumitizng happened to her. She lost her hearing. Now that Ali is a Senior, she can't help but wish that she could fit in.

Hannah. Ali's best friend, her only friend. When Ali became deaf in Kindergarten she learned ASL so that she could communicate with her.

Hannah and Ali are having a normal day at school when in walks new kid, Carter Simmons. Handsome. New. Smart. What else could a girl want. Right?

But guys have never been intersested in Ali. She was deaf. It'd be too much work. 

But how does Ali respond when Carter trys to talk to her? When he tries to learn Sign Language?

Find out in, Yes. I'm Deaf.

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tdfmellark tdfmellark Oct 17, 2017
I got this.
                              " Edgar Allan Poe is really really really super important to the literature world because he wrote very very very very crazy, dark, deep pieces that made everybody woke
HEVM_Blue HEVM_Blue Apr 04, 2017
I'm dying at the fact that on an ASL book, there are finger signs for love on the cover... That aren't correct lamp
Luvbug3121 Luvbug3121 Jul 06, 2017
1.) Amazing chapter.
                              2.) You have NO idea how hard it is to find a book written about the main character being deaf.
                              3.) I am technically fluent in sign language. I am fluent with the ASL alphabet, but I am still learning PSE words.
Jigoku6669 Jigoku6669 Dec 14, 2015
Your cover photo actually spells L O V W...... At least it does in ASL...... Just thought you should know.
ElizabethSkeen0713 ElizabethSkeen0713 Apr 17, 2015
This amazing! MY Bff is deaf and my mom is half deaf so I learned ask for them. I started learning when i was about 4 I learned 1 sign and that was friends so that was the first thing I said to Autumn my bff.
Deductivism Deductivism Feb 22, 2015
This is awesome! I have a severe to profound hearing loss, but I use a hearing aid and implant. :) please keep writing!