New Girl {Nalu Fanfiction}

New Girl {Nalu Fanfiction}

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Lucy Heartfilia had just moved to a new school and a new home, after the death of her mother, her father made no time for her. 

She decided to act and got an apartment and moved away from her father. 

Natsu Dragneel was considered the schools 'heart throb' although he hasn't dated anyone or let alone had his first kiss, but he does flirt with every girl. 

At the beginning of the new school year, Natsu notices the quiet blonde, considering they have a majority of classes with one another. 

One day, both are held after class and it is revealed that Natsu needs a tutor, and that tutor is Lucy. 

Will she remain to be quiet or will Natsu break through? And will they develop feelings for one another?

I'm fingerling and got sprayed because of my shrieks... THIS IS THE BEST STORY
Well he is a book, and books go in libraries. Yet, why does this still feel like such a bad idea?
I do the same thing almost every time the question comes up too😂
Oooooohhhhh..... You mean Martial Arts Club right? Cause fight club doesn't sounds great
                              I'm only one call away
                              I'll be there to save the day
cutiebug59 cutiebug59 Mar 29, 2016
Never thought I'd hear Natsu say that.....don't destroy the library Natsu