Everyday Since October (BoyxBoy)

Everyday Since October (BoyxBoy)

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_IVIRL_ By _IVIRL_ Updated Jan 01, 2016

No one could have been prepared for what was going to take place down in the guys locker room that homecoming night. Not the victim, not the victimizers, and surely not the unsuspecting bystander, Tyson McDaniel.

That night was suppose to be a typical school dance that kids complained about the next day. It was suppose to be a place where kids tried to spike the punch bowl, or muster up the courage to ask their crush to dance. It wasn't suppose to be the one event that tainted the face of Cappa Bay High, and it's student body, as well as staff, forever.

It wasn't suppose to force Tyson to face a troubling question.

It wasn't suppose to force him to face himself. 

....Things had changed everyday since October.

~* A Twisted Teen Fiction Gay-Themed Love Story*~

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pottahboy pottahboy Oct 05, 2017
lmao at my school we just wear our own team merch to homecoming it’s great
mylesbianlifestyle mylesbianlifestyle Aug 17, 2016
You should go to every school dance ever cuz no matter how lame it is if you go with your friends and your phones/headphones then you can make it da best. At least I hope. I haven't been to any real dances yet but that's what I did at the small ones I went to
mylesbianlifestyle mylesbianlifestyle Aug 17, 2016
I really wanna punch him in the face then tell him to suck it up you're a big boy. The world does not revolve around you
mylesbianlifestyle mylesbianlifestyle Aug 17, 2016
All I can think about is Lucy Heartfillia and its kinda sad she's made out to be such a slüt I 99.9999989% expect her to be cheating on him without having pretty much any character development. I really wish they put some more clothes on her so I could picture this girl not as a slüt.
TheFandomKnows TheFandomKnows Jan 17, 2017
my best friend name is Reed and you're giving my boo bear a bad name hoe
Tiny-Toad Tiny-Toad Mar 02, 2017
Pretty sure this Lucy höe is gonna hook up with someone at homecoming and be a lowkey slüt