King of Mist

King of Mist

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What happens when a writer gets lost in his own stories? Why is he stuck and how does he escape? The only novel to include a character from a Bob Dylan song fighting Jim Jones; Gavrilo Princip on the run from Sir Francis Drake; giant cephalopods, angry cockroaches, zombies, students, wolves, sentient alien artifacts, serial killers and more literary references than is advisable.

A story that aims for High-Brow but misses by about a book's width. This may have the unfortunate side-effect of lobotomising the reader.

A cryptic quiz to be solved only by smart arses. This is my NaNoWriMo 2015 work. And it's pretty bonkers.

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LittleMissAutumn LittleMissAutumn Nov 24, 2017
I agree. The purpose of an imagination is to give you room to deviate.
tabbymarie6393 tabbymarie6393 Nov 06, 2017
I am truly loving your works! Each piece has given so much insight on how the Jonestown project has seeped into the furthest reaches of your mind.
MiloMaia MiloMaia Nov 19, 2017
... do with this reference bury my parents strife (of paying for film school)
Mirel5 Mirel5 Mar 22, 2017
I don't know what's happening right now but curious nevertheless...
AlanGood AlanGood Sep 03, 2017
When you say "musical" reference do you mean like Sondheim-musical, or can I assume this here is a nod to Radiohead?
AlanGood AlanGood Sep 03, 2017
The Tempest, also played up in The Autograph Man, everyone's least favorite Zadie Smith novel, although I loved it.