Torture, He Wrote (A Roc Royal Story) |Short Story|

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After Leila wakes up in an abandoned building, she is faced with the one man she’d thought she’d gotten away from: Chresanto. He is utterly engrossed in keeping her under his wing, cutting her off from the outside world she’d once known. She calls it an obsession, but he calls it love. After useless attempts to escape, will she be able to break from his torturous hold, or forever be held captive in the arms of her former lover?  *This story contains sexually explicit content.*
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if she gets prego I wonder how he gon  take it. due to the fact that he can't fuck her for 9 months.
Ooo this book is a little FREAKY FREAKY if I do say so myself
He killed here boyfriend and she just cheated on him on the same day he died
is it morning breath she aint brush her teeth im sorry but i just thought of that.
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now that i thunk about i choice i would have chosen and why dont she try to......nvm