Pretty Boy Poison (boyxboy)

Pretty Boy Poison (boyxboy)

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MadameLoli By MadameLoli Updated Jun 30

Nathaniel Roberts is perfect. From the tips of his silky hair to the soft soles of his feet, not a single flaw can be found.  Born to two of the most successful supermodels of their time, it was only natural his looks and charm would exceed even them.  By four years old, Nat was famous.  At seventeen, the only thing Nat's pretty face has never gotten him, is the one thing that Nat has always wanted: His childhood friend turned sexy teacher Jameson. 

Jameson Matthews is obsessed with perfection. From as early as he could remember, the only things that really mattered were things that were flawless. From his schoolwork to his social life, he has strived to be the best and surround himself with only the best. So it would only make sense that his entire life has been devoted to Nathaniel, whether he's wanted it to be that way or not. 

At twenty four, Jameson has spent half his life taking care of Nathaniel. No matter how hard he tries, he just can't seem to shake the perfect boy. Finally, as Nat approaches the age of adulthood, Jameson is determined to let him go. They're just too different... In age, in class,  and in the way they want this to turn out. Jameson may think their relationship just won't survive, but Nathaniel is determined to convince him that pretty boy poison may be exactly what he needs.

How is he not in jail, there's gotta be like at least four laws against that amount of physical contact between a teach and a student
It's sad how they don't care about him, they only care about his face
LifeIsAbusive LifeIsAbusive Dec 09, 2016
The kid is still an unfertilized(Eh.. Spelling) egg for crying out loud. You're yelling at him like he's a teenager.
Greeneyez727 Greeneyez727 Jun 19, 2016
Soooooo he only likes him because "he's perfect" this is such a vain story. Oddly enough I love it. Great writing
slutformemes slutformemes Mar 25, 2016
so her skin is tanned and brown is a bad thing? or the greasy skin? sorry i don't understand
Isab_elle_ Isab_elle_ Dec 27, 2016
When it's easier just to kiss him than argue and have him be late. Haha, I love this. ♡