KoH: Ace of Hearts ADULT CHAPTER

KoH: Ace of Hearts ADULT CHAPTER

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A/N: This is the first love scene between West and Maddison. To understand how they got here, go check out the whole story under King of Hearts.


West's eyes flicked around, taking it her garage room in. He noticed the oil stains in the cement mostly covered by carpet cuttings. There was a girlish looking queen size bed and dressers. West didn't get to take in anything else though because Maddison pulled the humour tshirt up over her head. His eyes drank in her tiny but perfect body. Before she could turn around he marched up to her and spun her so he knew she saw his face while he viewed her body. He knew she blushed as his looked slowly down at her, smile spreading across his face as he saw that her bra was as yellow as her shirt. Though it was lacy and girlish, it had a little edge to it.

His smile turned possesive as his eyes noted the piercing through her navel. He was discovering that this sweet, cu...

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Hg2806 Hg2806 Oct 07, 2017
Every time I see 'ambrosia' I think of custard.   So in my head now she's got a mouth full of custard 😂
Disney2019 Disney2019 Mar 14, 2017
The second I got to this chapter Sex and Candy started playing 😂😂
21willis 21willis Apr 28, 2015
are there adult  parts for Alice and Molcolm if so what is it called
stardustcloud1 stardustcloud1 Jan 02, 2014
I think I prefer the KoH R chapters to the QoS, but so far my heart is still with the Alicolm story line. But, Weison is still a cute couple!
CatDavis CatDavis Jun 17, 2013
Finally able to read these rated out-takes. Glad I read the book. Now I can read all of these, LOL
AmyPoppe AmyPoppe Mar 14, 2013
I am loveing your books I read book 0, 1,now reading 2 so good and you are varry corect in stating that you are good at righting the love seines lol thanks keep it up