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You x Sakamaki Brothers (Diabolik Lovers One shot)

You x Sakamaki Brothers (Diabolik Lovers One shot)

19.5K Reads 669 Votes 6 Part Story
愛子 By igotmysenpai Updated Oct 17, 2015

You x those hot, good looking,  masochist, sadist and whatever vampires.


I wrote this based on what i am imagining. Coincidence is indeed a coincidence. Credits to the images inside! I seriously am bored so i'm gonna write.

EmmaCookiex3 EmmaCookiex3 Nov 24, 2016
Ayato: *as he leaned close he whisperd in your ear* go clean the dishes...
Lost_Witch Lost_Witch Dec 29, 2016
Im 162 cm and im happy w my height. I dont want to grow anymorr
BarneyHawt BarneyHawt Oct 10, 2016
I use my oc for stories. And my oc is 175 cm... and your 174 cm...
pumpkuncupcake123 pumpkuncupcake123 Nov 11, 2016
Ok how many 15 year olds have u meet that are giants. Im am happy with my height oreo sama
emmabray1963 emmabray1963 Dec 28, 2016
Oh My God. I wish vampires were real so I can get my blood sucked by a hot one.😍😘😎
HisokasPet HisokasPet Oct 28, 2016
Only 5'3 1/2 and I'm 17. I'm quite happy with my height thank you.