Voldemorts Grandson, Percy Jackson

Voldemorts Grandson, Percy Jackson

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🖤⚔️Pezz⚔️🖤 By ilovebooks181 Updated Nov 12, 2016

Guess what? Percy has an evil grandfather.

No, this time it isn't Kronos...it's a guy named boldy something.

Good news is, he's already been defeated.

But that doesn't make it much better for Percy. 

With nightmares plaguing his sleep, he can't afford to leave his girlfriend for more then a few days.

But what happens when he's forced to? 


I don't think the first few chapters are very good, I'm going to fix them later. So please bare with me, it gets better. I promise.


This book is bae!! ~Nummy122


I started cracking up when I read this!!!!😂😂😂 ~TuneMidnightTwilight 

BEST SORTING ~senpai_satan_llama

I love how the author just makes them so badass ~senpai_satan_llama

MORE ~Voldemortskid123


When I saw the update I clicked on it so fast! I'm really enjoying this story xox keep up the good work XD ~Paula4444

I love how Dumbledoor is just like 'I'm keeping them because they are entertaining' ~Grace123411

I know you just updated but here it goes..........UPDATE PLEASE I love your story and would love to read more ~Live4Fandom


baconpancakeseggs baconpancakeseggs 7 days ago
Not to be a pain or be rude in any way but even though Sally is a squib she would've been awesome at Magic
Well Harry, it's very simple when a man and woman love each other very much........😏
Pithos. The pithos. There is always hope. If one only remembers to turn on the lights
Considering Percy was blown out of a volcano and been to literally hell opening a door should be fine
So if magic doesn't work on someone you throw a chair at them, good tactic ☺☺
LilDragon02 LilDragon02 Jul 26
He didn't even mean too! And you haven't even met him yet. Don't judge a book by its cover, Harry!