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She? (JTK x Reader)

She? (JTK x Reader)

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CrystalElf By CrystalElf Updated May 15


You're 16 now, and your parents have currently left for a business trip that lasts for at least two weeks. Nothing unusual, they barely acknowledged your existence anyways. They didn't love you, they treated you more as their property than their child.

Then, Slenderman gives you an offer you cant pass up; to live with him and his proxies, and become a part of his family. The only thing is, you're a dainty girl, coming to live with a bunch of MALE serial killers.. and men had a habit of underestimating you.

So, you come on one condition; Nobody must know you're really a girl.

PrincessPetals PrincessPetals 2 days ago
Just imagine what he'll be like when he learns we're actually a girl lol
Aphhhhhmau2 Aphhhhhmau2 7 days ago
                              Not insulting anyone
                              Just thinking a thought that Ben is gay
                              That's a "nice" thought sorta
3vil6irl 3vil6irl May 12
Theres lots of mask freak in creepypasta tho and i think its masky
3vil6irl 3vil6irl May 12
Hello jeff im Aria Eagleheart.....
                              *instant covers mouth*
                              I accidently spoke up my real name f#@k
inenna inenna May 04
Because we ARE a girl... don't judge us for being who we are.
Pizza6667 Pizza6667 Apr 27
UNDERCOVER! YEH! I always get called a guy anyways. People will be like, "excuse me sir." IM NOT A SIR!