Assassin Warriors

Assassin Warriors

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Melanie Van Der Westhuizen By Luna_Melanie Completed

Melanie and Cara is Best friends has been friend since birth. They have been best friends through hell and back, they survived.

They got rejected together. They jumped off a cliff together and they lived. They found new love in the assassin world.

But what happens when there next target is in there old pack the pack that abused them?

What will happen to them?

Will they fall in love with there mates? Or go to there new found love?

Read to find out(but please read)



  • assassin
  • death
  • fairys
  • ghosts
  • hybrids
  • mermaids
  • newfoundlove
  • reapers
  • rejected
  • vampires
  • war
  • warriors
  • werewolves
  • witches
Okay, so I guess it's share your entire life with strangers day.....
Mandee50112 Mandee50112 Apr 16
How you gonna say that you where literally omegas 24 hours ago.
This caught my eye purely because of the character names (my name is Melanie and my cousin is called Cara!)
Dudes. You were omegas less than 15 hours ago. Like, you egotistical hypocrite.
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