The Assasin Has A Mate?

The Assasin Has A Mate?

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Shes a ruthless, a killer, drop dead gorgeous, and unmerciful. shes an Assasin. She is feared by all supernatural creatures across the world. She has killed thousands upon thousands, which she in return earns thousands upon thousands of cash in hand. She is the best there is. Meaning, she isnt cheap.

She works for the Assasin Hunters. They clean up her mess. They cover up her tracks and protect her identity. In return all she has to do is, kill, do, and spy on whoever they wish. And she does it without hesitation. She could really care less.

She travels the world for free, she has multiple lives, and she gets to start them over and over again almost every month. In different states, cities, countries, maybe even for the second time. But it didnt matter where she went because she wasnt there long before she was moved again to another place to start fresh. She was used to the constant change, and she had never even thought about settling and living in one place. Not one thought.

But what happens when she starts a life she never wants to leave?

What if one simple mission turns into a new begining?

And what does she do when she finds something she never thought she would? 


What she does know is that..
She is ruthless
She is heartless
She is a warrior

But most of all

She is Kendall Costanova.



- Course language is used in this book
- Very descriptive sexual scenes 
- Drugs, alocohol, and violence are mentioned throughout the book
- 13+ Restricted

*ALL rights reseved*

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Hey that's funny my name is Kathryn and spelt the same way to