The Beautiful Ones

The Beautiful Ones

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Alice Bowman and Zoey Chase have been best friends since birth. They do absolutely everything together, dating being the only exception. But they don't even do that.

These two girls are even the two most popular girls in their school. No, not just their school, their city. They're like local pop stars, and for many reasons.

The first reason is probably their drop dead gorgeous looks that any supermodel would kill for. The second reason is their families wealth. Both girls come from families with CEOs as parents. Mansions, a staff, nice cars, everything handed to them. Boys worshiping the ground they walk on for some hope of getting one of the girls into bed. Girls begging them for a moment of their time because they know that if one of these two girls talk to them, they'd be promoted crazy high popularity.

Now, I've told you about what they have, but I never said that they want any of it. Because they don't.

They don't want the popularity or the high amounts of money or the attention that they receive. They're just two simple best friends who have way too much unwanted drama on their plates.

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LoriMandle LoriMandle Jun 08, 2017
Frankly I only get really excited a few days before my bday, it's my mum that always freaks out asking me what I want and if I want to have a party and all that sh*t... at the time it's annoying but looking back it's kinda hilarious actually
StrangeLittleThing StrangeLittleThing May 28, 2017
My mom always asks me if I'm turning a certain age because she isn't sure... 💔😂
BellMaddie BellMaddie Mar 01
I’m neither... I don’t even own anything kick ass or girly. My closet is full of sweatpants, skinny jeans, and T-shirt’s
YesBshTav YesBshTav May 22, 2017
I changed my mind and looked it up it's an auction website but, it's been changed to
MendesGurl10385 MendesGurl10385 Aug 05, 2017
I'm a mix of both. My friend said I'm the most bad ass friend she has 😂
My mum has missed out two of my birthdays... one this year and one when I was 8 cos she went on holiday but I didn't get a single call or message