Because I Love You (BTS Jimin)

Because I Love You (BTS Jimin)

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민슈가♡ By MinYoongi93_ Completed

This is a story about a cold girl who was moved from Canada to Korea. The girl, Son Lenny, is her school's biggest playboy next target. His name is Park Jimin and was known as a bad boy in school.

Lenny doesn't like boys. So, will Jimin be able to steal her heart and change her back to her old self? Or, will Jenny knows about Jimin's plan and starts avoid herself from him? What will happen then?

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Started: 18th October 2015
Ended: 8th April 2016

Author-nim: MinYoongi93_

wingxseu wingxseu Nov 21
I cant take this seriously bcs of the name lenny /le inserts lenny face
Happy birthday to you 
                              ( late ) happy bday to you(late)
                              Are you 
                              1 2 3... You are 15
bunnybulle1 bunnybulle1 Nov 04
Wahh I can use that credit card to buy all things that is related to Kpop
bunnybulle1 bunnybulle1 Nov 04
I think it was a mistake because her sister name suppose to be Son Seung Wan :/
Myiako Myiako Apr 25
Canada or Korea? Am I reading right or wrong? Or am I blind right now?
RK!! RK!!!! WOW! if only my family is like this.. its just in my fantasies XD