Because I Love You (BTS Jimin)

Because I Love You (BTS Jimin)

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Aeri Author-nim♡ By MinYoongi93_ Completed

This is a story about a cold girl who was moved from Canada to Korea. The girl, Son Lenny, is her school's biggest playboy next target. His name is Park Jimin and was known as a bad boy in school.

Lenny doesn't like boys. So, will Jimin be able to steal her heart and change her back to her old self? Or, will Jenny knows about Jimin's plan and starts avoid herself from him? What will happen then?

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Started: 18th October 2015
Ended: 8th April 2016

created by: Aeri Author-nim♡ (@MinYoongi93_)

bitch i can't even have a room to myself now im getting one floor
Me except I love boys well some others not so much and I'm the type of person that u say something mean to me it could be the littlest thing I jut say something rude back but it's super mean and really hurts ur feelings like really bad
piyaxbts piyaxbts Jun 03
This describes me and my sister so much😂😂😂 I am exactly like the main character and my sis like her sis😂 we even planned to go to Korea because she is not 18
Could you take the time to read my V fanfiction. Its not your average fanfic, promise
Rip to the character named after my god          ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Dafuq I can't even get a room to myself until my sis moves out but this bitchh gets an entire floor to herself