The Demon Ember {Laxus x OC}

The Demon Ember {Laxus x OC}

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Jade Dragneel, the older sister of Natsu Dragneel has a very extraordinary life, filled with a lot of chaos. She's been pushed down so many times but always finds a way to smile.

He loved her because of that. Laxus Dreyar, the mage only thought of to have one emotion, anger. So much happened between the two, will their love be able to shine through it all?

And what's this about Jade being a demon?

omg do u expect everybody to have dizare clothing laxus?! Hahaha!
Did you get the name Azula and her blue fire from avatar the last airbender!?!?!?! If you did this is my new favorite story (Azula is my fav character in Avatar the Last Airbender!!!
You should be eleven-ish, since Natsu's eleven at that point...
                              *creates imaginary rainbow with hands*
                              The Power of Maaaaath~