Natures Way (TMNT fanfic)**Slow Updates** ON HOLD

Natures Way (TMNT fanfic)**Slow Updates** ON HOLD

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EXO_earth12 By EXO_earth12 Updated Jan 31, 2018

I wanted to add something new, an OC. I don't think the character will be through the entire story but for some, anyways.

A mutant vampire has been roaming NYC, ever since the turtles spilled the canisters of mutagen from the Kraang ship.

For two years, she has been feeding on the same, small creatures, and she is tired of it.


It so happens that she bumped into the turtles. The road of eating bugs and rats is finally over for her.

By the way, no matter how long some thing has been, the characters will still stay the same age. Like how Nick does it to TMNT; age 15 in every season.

I do not own TMNT.