The Devil Within.. Demon!Dirk x Reader x demon!Dave

The Devil Within.. Demon!Dirk x Reader x demon!Dave

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  I held my gun close, and Terezi griped my hand.

Sure they looked like shooting stars.. But they weren't.. The angels were falling.

  Everyone gasped and aww'ed at the sight of the "meteor shower" 

  Little did they know.. it was the beginning of the end.. Today is the day angles take over and destroy gods creation.

  We watched, that's all We could do.. Sit back and watch as our time slowly faded away.. I can't stand here, I won't die. 

  I can't. I promised him.. We all did.

  My phone screamed for my attention, I picked it up to hear a groggy voice "The Bunker in Lebanon, Kansas. Hurry." The call ended and I ran for my car Terezi following, asking me "who was that!? What's going on!?" Once in I speed away.

  If the angles are falling.. Does that mean the demons will come as well?..

  Oh gog.

APH_China27 APH_China27 5 days ago
Tfw you're from Kansas and you are just sitting here waiting for the jokes.
Kaj0402 Kaj0402 Apr 26
Are we going to ignore the fact the video for fallen angels by bvb fits in perfectly for this
Wow, I feel like this book is familiar. But thats not right. Have I read this before? No! I couldn't have. But this book... it feels so... natural... I guess you could say, it feels... Supernatural.
Wow this Fanfiction seems it will be a little SUPERNATURAL ^•^
XXLunar_DragonXX XXLunar_DragonXX Oct 06, 2015
Thanks! Oh! and there will be a lot of supernatural refrences... Take the bunker for example~
Hipster_Nepeta Hipster_Nepeta Oct 06, 2015
//this seems amazing so far! 
                              can't wait for the next chapter! :D