Gaara's Rose

Gaara's Rose

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"This life is but a garden bed
The rain, it comes and goes
But you can prick yourself on all the thorns
Or you can learn to love the rose."
-Erin Hanson, The Poetic Underground.

Maeme is the daughter of an important Kirigakure official. Since the day she was born, she was cast aside due to being the one thing that was hated above all else: fragile. Despite being treated like nothing from the very beginning, she grows up giving what very little she has, never expecting anything in return.

 One day she meets two strangers in the market.  And then she finds herself serving two Kages from different villages of all people. The strangest part? They know her, and one has the strangest desire to protect her, more so than he'd ever felt before.

 What happens when not too long after, in a last ditch effort to be rid of Maeme, her father sends her off to Suna in response to a marriage proposal from a man she'd never met?

 Or has she?

Wow the comments say this is a good book, I'm ready for this book
She into dat Kinky Shiz?
                              She bee callin Gaara dat soon.
I will read the re-write AFTER I read this.  I want to see the origial
acediamonde acediamonde Sep 05, 2016
Do you pronounce Maeme as (may-may) or (may-mee) or something else?
                              Until given an answer, I imagine her as (may-may).
wow! This is amazing! Awesome detail and description! This is the true meaning of art!
acediamonde acediamonde Sep 05, 2016
I love you forever for knowing Celtic Thunder!!!