Strange Love || Kim Taehyung

Strange Love || Kim Taehyung

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Taehyung-ie By Sakurakochi1 Completed

Mature for strong language.

Oil and water is the only way to describe these two. Park Sujin, the honor student who has the same class with the bad boy rebel, Kim Taehyung, on her last year of high school. As they constantly go at each other's throats, and getting in trouble on the way, Sujin becomes friend with Jimin and JungKook, who is also friends with Taehyung. As they convince Sujin and Taehyung to become best friends and set aside their differences, more problems arise, then before... 
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OML the word 'Exorcist' Reminded me of an anime called 'Blue Exorcist' ....
A lot of fanfics have the same story line.. Doesn't have to mean that you copied Someone else.
mucilatos mucilatos Aug 27
I'm not thinking in that way. ppl have their own way to make some story. So please keep writing^^
Oh u know I thought of that at first as well. But I've read many bully kinda type of fanfics and they're all similar
I've read mr. Arrogant and lookinh forward to read this and dont worry im.not thinking in that way.. ^^
TaeCoups116 TaeCoups116 Nov 03
Mr. arrogant was such a good book, and I'm sure yours will be just as great! I hope you can make me feel all the feels I felt while reading that book. Happy writing!