Nerd Girl Changed Bad

Nerd Girl Changed Bad

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Debora Pedro By black_night_23 Updated a day ago

There was this girl name Ashton. She had a twin brother whose name is Kevin. She gets bullied at school till she moved in with her grandma who lives in Italy.

What happens when she comes back? Is she still a nerd and gets bullied?  Or does she become someone different?

She goes through some difficult times but she is probably going to make through or not.

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  • badass
  • bully
  • nerd
  • streetfighing
  • streetracing
I like coconuts  it make ur hair so soft and smells like heaven
I'm imagining skinny jeans and a baggy sweatshirt.. like what I wear.
There are two girls in my school called Tiffany and Brittany. They are the definition of stupid and bitchy.
Finally a mexican  thanks god i thought i would never find  a mexican in a story
brita9827 brita9827 Apr 28
Seriously why is my name always the bitchy or sluty character..... I AM CHANGING MY NAME!
maymayrules maymayrules Apr 10
I mean we're not stalkers who wants to know wat school u go to. Sooooo...thx for telling us, i guess......