The Righteous Man's Daughter #Wattys2017 {Dean Winchester's Daughter}

The Righteous Man's Daughter #Wattys2017 {Dean Winchester's Daughter}

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Katelynn By ThenSheWrote16 Updated Apr 28, 2017


Dean was always on the road, never staying in one place for long. He was a burgers, beers, and boobs kind of man. His three favorite past times. Molly was his woman for the time of the werewolf case. Nine years before, after a terrible relationship ending, Molly had been desperate for a man to give her a child. She was expecting quick results. The ten years would be up before Molly could see her daughter's first birthday. So she made herself a plan, revising and perfecting it with each breath, hoping her child might be spared when the time came.

Ava grew up knowing her guardians were only her godparents. She asked, begged, and pleaded to know who her parents were. To meet them. Dan and Holly had nothing to give her but a letter her mother wrote the day Ava was born. It had everything but nothing. It had answers that only made more questions. They felt it had nothing to help Ava.

When Ava cleans up the house and finds an old envelope addressed to her, she is brave enough to open it. And she finds everything she's ever wanted. On the search who she really is, who her father is, she will learn about what the world really is. Will Ava want to join or run away to the psych ward? Does she finally find out what she was meant for in this ugly world?

Started August 2016
Season Seven of Supernatural

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