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Winchesters Baby Sister

Winchesters Baby Sister

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_freak15_ By _freak15_ Updated Oct 15, 2016

This is my first book! Sorry in advance if it sucks... 

A year after Sam left for collage, John Winchester revived a  call telling him a had a baby. Obviously John couldn't take the baby, but the women on the phone threatened to give her to an orphanage. Dean somehow persuaded his father into keeping the child. And they were off the retrieve the newest Winchester. 
Sam hadn't the slowest clue he would have a new sibling, he didn't go into their life, they didn't go into his. When one Winchester is lost one is found. 
This is the story of the littlest Winchester Zoey Winchester.

pennypage124 pennypage124 Jun 11, 2016
I did that to up into I was like 8 and my parents Finley just told be to as soon who they are and if no one I know is around to punch the stranger
kvoegele kvoegele Mar 08, 2016
awww! So cute how Dean was like, "Zoey." and John was like what? Then dean was like" her name is zoey winchester." That was adorable, so cute good job.
tyylerjoseph tyylerjoseph Mar 29, 2016
My name is Zoee, so when I read Zoey I begin to freak out like ThIs IsNt CoRrEcT