Till Dawn Comes

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butterscotch21 By butterscotch21 Updated 4 years ago
Jody is a hot, Californian resident who loves to party, especially with her two best friends, Kari, and Lindy, and her soon to be boyfriend Jake. 
        She goes to a party with her two best friends, and Jake. But the party goes south when Linkon, a new guy, shoots Jody. 
        Well this is where it goes weird. She knows that she died so you can see the confusion when she wakes up the next morning in a stranger’s house. But the stranger does seem a little familiar, and he happens to be a werewolf. 
         How does she know? Because everyone knows about werewolf’s and he changed her into a werewolf. Her vision is enhanced, as is her strength and everything else.
        So you can see how helpful it was when she sneaks out of the stranger’s house and hunts down Linkon. When she finds him she learns that someone hired him to kill her. She than has to learn who that someone is before she makes a deal with the devil, litterly. I mean, vampires are said to be the devils children, right?
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woah! who was that guy?! why did he want jody dead!? i'm so confused! will there be more?