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The Taming of Frankie Carrozza

The Taming of Frankie Carrozza

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Colm By ThenColmSaid Completed

'Come to me, Charlie.'

Charlie Chance was rushed with a cocktail of sensations, a plethora made up of all sorts of emotions and urges, as soon as the words exited Frankie Carrozza's sardonic-laced lips-the command uttered so innocently, though he was nothing of the sort. For a split second, his imagination took hold of him, powerful enough to break the barriers of actuality. The realm of daydreams spilled over and dripped into existence as thick and rich as wet paint, causing him to envision Frankie in nothing more than a pair of underwear briefs woven out of snow-white dove feathers, his larger hand reaching out to Charlie in yearning, rather than his original casual flick of his two fingers to him. It was possible that he could see the outline of angelic wings protruding out his back, obscured through a gloriously golden and heavenly glow streaming in from the windows behind, heavy like curtains, and basking Frankie in its celestial ambiance. A gilded and bejewelled crown shone on his head to reveal him as the rightful king of Eton and its surrounding lands. The court often said that Frankie Carrozza was dangerous. But of course he's dangerous; he's a teenaged boy.

Elizapoo12 Elizapoo12 Dec 10, 2016
drop the psuedo-intellectual vocabulary crap and you'd have a great book!! seriously though, reading all the adjectives is nauseating.
Pride3701 Pride3701 Feb 20
Wow, this is amazing! Although it's quite hard to grasp what they're saying with just a glance but damn if I ain't enjoying it!
lilylya lilylya Nov 08, 2016
I don't get it... How can a story taking place in 1983 can be percieved as historical ? Even though it is last century, it is only like 30 years ago...
Phoenix8998 Phoenix8998 Aug 18, 2016
The vocabulary has certainly ruined me for other works, and it's just the beginning.
blackrosedrop blackrosedrop Aug 11, 2015
You're off to a good start - your description is spot-on and you've got a very developed main character voice (an enjoyable one too). The time period definitely makes things more interesting. Sometimes the text can drag a little, but overall, you've got my interest and my vote. Keep writing!
Blissful_Darkness Blissful_Darkness Aug 09, 2015
Very old fashioned I don't really read historical books but this one actually got my attention, I really enjoyed the character you've developed him really well although some paragraphs were a little bit to long I still enjoyed it