The Blur  ~*+Vikklan AU+*~

The Blur ~*+Vikklan AU+*~

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M'ayris By Mickey-Kenzie Completed

Lachlan Craft is a well known and feared assassin all around Minecraftia. Though, he is known as "The Blur" because, no one ever sees his face before and after an assassination takes place. No one, but but the target themselves...
 Well, that was the case. Until his face was seen by the most unlikely of people. Prince Vikkram Star 123rd of Minecraft. 


*DISCLAIMER* I do NOT own Minecraft YouTubers, nor the concept of Minecraft. This is all MY IMAGINATION. Anything I own are my OCs. That is all. 

~Cover by: UglyWallFlowers~

Finished: 2015
Edited: 2017