The Secret Behind Her Smile

The Secret Behind Her Smile

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'Utter a word to anyone about this and I swear I will kill you!' He took a step forward and I took one back. I leaned in and scream in his ears 'As if I would want anyone to know that I'm married to YOU!!!' The smirk I hated reappeared on his face as he took in my appearance. 'Considering your character you should be happy that I married you.' And that's when I gave Rameez Ebrahim a smack.

Mahdiya Hussain, Smart , witty and nerdy. Unlike other's Mahdiya loves being a nerd. She is considered to be strong but what happens when she breaks down? What happens when she finds out her whole life she has been living is a lie?

Rameez Ebrahim, The school's heart! Rameez may come across as being heartless, reckless and over protective, but does anyone know the reason behind this behaviour? How long can he hide the truth?
What happens when these two come together and hide the biggest truth of their life away from the world?Would it lead to an unbreakable bond or a disaster?

Bubbly_Love6 Bubbly_Love6 Mar 05, 2016
If the editing is going to happen use inverted commas it took a while to register that this is the characters talking
topaz786 topaz786 Mar 25, 2016
I have never heard of the name Rameez before, is it an Arab name?
hoorray1 hoorray1 Nov 20, 2016
It should be " we will tell her to stop this wedding" 
                              Sorry if I'm being annoying🙁
                              I'm a grammar nazi and I really like your book 😯
                              I will try to control my nazi habits 🙄
nafisabilal nafisabilal Feb 20, 2016
I honestly fine it weird when people ship little kid together
sabarkth sabarkth Dec 27, 2015
Woah! They are married already?? Wow, nice story, I'm really enjoying it. If Rameez is the main character then I hope they don't break there Nikah and start liking each other soon;) looking forward to it.:)