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Sam is a large teenage girl who has barley had one boyfriend. She barely has one friend, but she says she doesn't mind and goes off to be engrossed in a book.

David has the face of an angle, the body of a devil, and is sexier than sin itself. With a large secret, it proves the supernatural exists.

One normal girl, one supernatural, sexy, boy... who just might have a crush on Pine High School's biggest girl.

Note. This will contain sexual content. if you don't like it, skip the parts with the content, there will also be warnings before. 

[No. this has nothing to do with Twilight. Get that out of your mind. I have liked Vampires and Werewolves long before Stephanie Meyer wrote those books. Also, not that I'm aware of, there isn't a Pine Hills in Washington, this is all made up, any relation to the living or dead is entirely coincidental. But I did use the time template of classes from Vashon High School, my school... that's about it.]

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TheAmazingFridge TheAmazingFridge Jul 09, 2017
Whats wrong with the smell of marijuana? Or alcohol? Damn she is a killjoy oml lol 😂
iFujoshi iFujoshi Sep 25, 2016
Lol what's wrong with shifter porn books? Those are my favs. 🤔😳