The Billionaires Big PHAT Secret

The Billionaires Big PHAT Secret

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Samantha Jones isn't your average everyday 19 year old. She suffers a from a serious case of low esteem and trust issues. with her father abandoning her at a tender age, her high school sweet heart cheating on her with her then best friend. She has come to trust no one or want to get close to anyone, she despises the opposite sex. What will happen when she meets people that actually cares for her and wants to help her. Will she chase them away like she has done with others or will she accept the fact that the world does not revolves around her and let them in?

Joshua O'Conner is the rich Billionaire that seeks to take complete control of the family business but by doing so he has get married first to prove to his father that he is serious and ready to take full control. He found the perfect opportunity to seduce and steal the heart of Samantha Jones but little did he knew that she wasn't like all the other females out there. She was making it hard for him and he was falling instead of her.

will she shear his feelings or will she find out his true intentions and leave him heart broken. will society and there families accept the fact the he's white and she's black or will it be a test of true love? Only time can tell what the future holds.

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  • fat
  • funny
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1D122001 1D122001 Feb 21
Whats so special about him? Girl he gone be the one knocking yo ankles loose!
Blj6839 Blj6839 Jan 10
Oh lawd she one of them delusional bitches
Well it’s okay to experience a hook up once in your teen life... like when you hit 18 if you want to do that
Having fun? Yes. Hooking up with guys and getting drunk? Um no
ZakarriaWilcox ZakarriaWilcox Jun 14, 2016
Jane the virgin much lol? 😭😭 I think I'm gone love this.